Scarlett and the Dark Woods

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Scarlett and the Dark Woods: A Little Red Riding Hood Retelling by Mary Mecham (Autumn Fairy Tales book 4)

The village of Hamelin has strict rules. Follow them and you’ll be safe forever. Earn too many marks against you, and you’ll be banished from the village. The Dark Woods are filled with criminals, Shunned, and wild animals. Not to mention the woods suck the magic from anyone who dares enter.

When Scarlett’s Gran is chosen as this year’s shunned, Scarlett refuses to let her face the woods alone. But by the time she’s able to follow, her Gran has vanished. A shape-shifting wolf follows Scarlett through the Woods. She’s certain he knows where Gran is, but she can’t trust him — can she?

“Everyone was accepted just the way they were, quirks and all. Wasn’t that what a community was really all about?”

I loved this story! Honestly, probably the most fun book I’ve read all year. Amazing banter, swoony kisses, and that TWIST!

Mecham has woven a story of love and belonging against a backdrop of a dystopian society. As Scarlett learns about the world beyond her narrow upbringing, she faces questions about what a community truly is, and why love matters.

Scarlett and Greyson are so much fun together, as they go from not-quite-enemies to friends to much more 😉

The other characters added a lot of depth to the story. Gran with her pragmatic outlook on life. Tristan felt like a blend of Gaston and Hans. Piper’s storytelling abilities.

Once again, Mecham fulfills her promise of a delightful fairy tale retelling, while giving us so much more.

Five roses – Come talk to me after you’ve read it, because I need to squeal about THAT.
Swoony kisses, some cuddling.
In-world swears only (“By the shunned.”)
Minor injuries only.

(Thank you to the author for the ARC of this book. This is my honest review.)