Princess of Mirrors

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Princess of Mirrors: A Cinderella Retelling by A. G. Marshall (Fairy Tales Adventures book 5)

“Beware the Society of Evangelina.” Her father’s dying words keep Bri on task as she works as a servant in her own home to guard the mirrors. But as her family grows more resentful, a donkey appears in the mirror, and Evangelina returns, Bri starts to question just what she’s doing. The cute goat herder who brings picnics occasionally is the only bright spot.

Henry is tired of being a prince and misses his life as a goat herder. His duties as a light wielder keep him in the capital, especially after Evangelina returns. Goblins, gremlins, and other threats arise from the shadow realm, and only Henry has time to worry about the poor servant girl he shared his lunch with.

When everyone starts to blame Bri for what’s happening in the shadow realm, can Bri and Henry trust each other enough to share the truth?

“The real magic was that when he smiled at her, she smiled back as if he were the only other person in the crowded ballroom.”

I fell in love with Henry back in book 1, so I’m super glad to learn more about him! And all the hints of a Cinderella retelling that were dropped in Princess of Roses have come together in the most amazing story. 

Marshall’s stories are more than just adorable romances — although she excels at that too; they’re high-stakes adventures, and those stakes just get more and more intense with each book. The magic keeps building, and I can’t wait to see how the series will conclude!

The romance was subtle, but I think the end balanced well with the story. Henry and Bri are so good together. 

If you love swoon-worthy romances, heroines who don’t need to be saved, heroes determined to do the right thing, and nail-biting adventures, this is the book for you! (Although I recommend reading the whole series — you won’t regret it!)

5 Stars. Can I give it ten?
A few mild in-world swears
A few sweet kisses
Battles and minor injuries.  

(Thank you to the author for the ARC of this book. This is my honest review.)