Fairy Tale Reviews

Looking for even more fairy tale books? I love reading and reviewing clean and swoony fairy tale retellings. 

Robyn Sarty

Robyn Sarty is an avid fan of all things Disney, and she loves stories with happy endings, where good triumphs over evil. She tries to incorporate these elements into all of her writing, stories that feature women who refuse to back down from a challenge.

She lives in rural Nova Scotia with her very own Prince Charming, where she is easily distracted by sparkly things and glitter. When she’s not reading or writing, she can be found baking cakes and trying to convince Charming that they need to adopt a puppy.

A Fruitful Heist

A Snow White Short Story

Niamh has two days to infiltrate the Morrigan mansion. Two days to unlock the secret hall of mirrors. Two days to become a master thief.

Fairy Tale Anthologies

Collections of short stories from various authors, retelling your favorite fairy tales.

A is for Apple

Snow White - fair or foul? What if Snow White wasn't a princess? What if her step-mother wasn't evil? What if the conflict wasn't propelled by magic, but by popularity? Explore these questions and more in this collection of six Snow White retellings.
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B is for Beauty

Come find the truth of the beauty within. It's a tale as old as time — a beast locked away because of a terrible curse. A young innocent who can right the wrongs with integrity and love. Discover new twists on this classic tale in this collection of short stories. Explore worlds of magic and love, of the future and of the past.
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C is for Curse

Only love can reveal the truth. Evil curses, promises - broken or kept, and mistaken identities. Six stories that explore how love can find the truth within. These tales from the Treehouse will leave you spell-bound and wanting more!
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